The most advanced medical imaging,
minus the inflated medical price.


So your doctor advises that you need an MRI. Consequently, you schedule an MRI scan at the hospital and you're charged upwards of $2,500, most of which goes to pay for expensive hospital overhead costs.

Now then. What if you could have the same exact scan for substantially less money, potentially thousands less? All done by certified technologists adhering to the highest level of mandated quality standards. Thousands of dollars could be saved, health care spending would be reduced, and your money is left to spend on better things.

We are the Outpatient Imaging Coalition, an alliance of the highest value providers in the entire country when it comes to MRI, CT, or PET/CT services. Utilizing the gold standard in imaging equipment, we work directly with your physician, accept most insurance providers, and unconditionally guarantee our scan quality.

All for a fraction of what you would pay at the hospital. Do your part to lower health care costs. Seek out one of our imagers, and get exactly what you need, for exactly what it's worth.